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Hello Peeps!

My name is MJ

I am in love with Korean shows aka Kdramas. I have been watching them since 2008. I was drawn to Kdramas because of Kpop. Yep. Kpop. I was listening to Rain one day back in 2008 and wanted to know more about him. To my surprise, he was not only a singer but an actor too. Wasn't sure if I could trust a singer being and actor; but I took the leap. I watched the drama "Full House" that he was the main male lead and that all it took. I was hooked.


Now about 90% of the television I watch is Korean. Loving Kdramas is not easy; people judge me left and right about it; especialy being a black woman loving Asian television. I wanted to create a safe space for people who are similar to me who equally love Kdramas. A place to indulge and express our love and/or obsessions'.

Welcome to judgement free zone! And welcome to the Wonderful world of Mick-tab-ulous Dramas. 

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