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Korean Dramas Weekly 7 Review List

Week 1 2020

Weekly Review List: Nov 2019: List

MANIC Monday-New/ On-Air

"Vagabond"-SBS 2019

Show Synopsis

Tuesday's Are the Worst!

"Tunnel"-OCN 2017

Park Gwang-ho is a detective for the criminal division in Hwaseong in 1980s. He is put on a case where a set of women have been killed in specific ways. One day while in hot pursuit of the killer through a tunnel, he is transported 30 years into the future. Gwang-ho learn the case he was working on was not solve and a new set of murders with the same mo has reemerge. Gwang-ho not only has to figure out how to get back to his time but he has to solve the case he was working on from 30 years prior. Based on the 1986 Hwaseong murders, "Tunnel" stars Choi Jin-hyuk.


Wednesday Hump Day

"Manhole" SBS 2017

Bong pil is a slacker who has been studying to become a civil servant for 3 years or a lack of trying to where he failed the test several times. Pil spent his life mooching off his parents and trying to confess his feelings to his long-time crush (28 yrs), Soo-jin. Due to a small misunderstanding between Pil and Soo-jin in 3rd grade, things have been an awkward set of misunderstandings throughout their friendship. Even though he still remains friends with his crush, his attempts to confess were unsuccessful (due to his lack of being honest and forward) follow by hilarious mishaps and failures. Pil learns his crush is getting married and on the night before Soo jin's wedding fate jumps in and teleport Pil through a manhole that sends him back in time giving him a chance to stop the wedding and confess his feelings. Starring Kim Jae Joong, UEE, & Baro.

Show Synopsis

Thursday: ACTION Thursday

"Innocent Defendant" of "Defendant"- SBS 2017

Park Jung woo is a prosecutor who is the head of the violent crime investigative division. He has not lost a case and goes after justice. One day after waking up in prison the day after his daughter's birthday, he learns he was convicted of killing his wife and daughter. Jung woo has no memory of killing his family and keeps having memory lapse. Jung woo is put on a path to find out what happen to see if he is a killer or who framed him as a killer. Starring Ji Sung.

Show Synopsis

Friday FBF: Flash Back Friday

"Partner for Justice" or "Investigation Couple" : Season 1-MBC 2018

Baek Beom is a unique and eccentric forensic doctor. Baek is quiet and introverted. Over 10 years in, he is beyond great at his job and investigative skills.  Baek has a past that comes subject during a case he takes on. Baek must work with a rookie prosecutor, Eun Sol, to not only solve the case but help clear Baek's name. Starring Jung Jae young and Jung Yoo mi.


Weekend Fun: Saturday & Sunday

"Immortal Songs 2"-Variety Show 

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Tuesday's Are the Worst

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Wednesday Hump Day

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Action Thursdays

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Friday FBF: Flash Back Friday

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Behind The White Tower


Weekend Fun: Saturday & Sunday

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"Forgotten" & "2days & 1Night"

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Weekly Review List: Nov 2019: List
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