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MJ's K-pop Car Reaction Series- Episode 1 A.C.E

What can I say. I am not an A.C.E. stan however, I decided to give them a chance. There are two songs from them I have liked, 'Cactus' and 'Savage'. With this new take on reacting to music or music videos, I decided to start the series out with groups I do not stan. A.C.E came to mind. Not sure why. On my way home I decided to listen to their 5th mini album called, 'Siren Dawn'. The album is an EP with a total of 5 tracks.

Siren: Dawn was released June 23, 2021. Out of all the songs there were only 2 of the songs that I really liked; 'Chasing Love' and 'Story'. 'Atlantis' was not bad. 'Higher'...not my jam. It seems to me the intro does not go with the rest of the songs on the album. Listening to the intro (1st track) I was expecting something more dark and deep. However, it just was flat to me. Now, I do not know that lyrics yet so the lyrics may complete the story that A.C.E. was trying to tell in this album. I am trying to be open minded when it comes to them however, right now they are still a group that is not in my to collect list.

A.C.E debuted on May 23, 2017 with their single 'Cactus'. A.C.E. came out during the end of the 3rd generation or around the beginning of the 4th generation. Being out for 4 years, they still have a loyal fan base and generate enough to stay relevant in the K-pop scene. Maybe this bias about A.C.E. comes from being a K-pop veteran. I have been listening to K-pop since the 90s; took a break for about 10 years and resume in 2007. Being into K-pop for 14+ years I know what I like. And so far the groups that has my attention are Ateez, BTS, Enhypen, TXT, Stray Kids, Dreamcatcher and a few more. Since A.C.E has a sound that is different from the groups above, I am not ready to jump on that bandwagon just yet. To me A.C.E. seems cookie cutter with a song that stands out once in awhile. I do like two of the songs on this album. I will still give A.C.E. a chance and maybe listen to the rest of their discography.

Watch my reaction to A.C.E 5th mini album, 'Siren: Dawn'.

What do you guys thing of A.C.E?

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