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Needing shows to watch? Do not know what to watch? MJ Got you!

VIKI weekly top 10 is back. Well, it was daily but now it is weekly. We will start with the month September.

All dramas on this list appeared on VIKI Top 10 at least once from 9/4-9/30/2022, no ranking. A total of 20 dramas hit the VIKI Top 10 list. Not all the shows are Korean. There are some Chinese dramas, Japanese Dramas, and more. Hope this can help you get an idea of where to start when it comes to drama land.


FYI: How Information is Posted

Title: Number of Episode: Date aired or airing dates: Network(s)-link to drama info (My Drama List)

"Good Job"-K-drama-On Air

16 EP. 8.24.22-10.13.22-ENA-VIKI-Good Job (2022) - MyDramaList

"Love Like The Galaxy "-C-drama


27 EP.-7.5-7.27.22-Dragon TV, iQiyi, & Tencent Video-Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 (2022) - MyDramaList


29-EP. -7.27.22-8.18.22-Dragon TV, iQiyi, & Tencent Video-Love Like the Galaxy: Part 2 (2022) - MyDramaList

"Love Between Fairy & Devil"-C-drama

"Today's Webtoon"-K-drama

16 EP.-7.29.22-9.17.22-SBS, Viki, & ViuTV-Today's Webtoon (2022) - MyDramaList

Remake of Japanese Drama, "Sleeper Hit"

"Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist"-K-drama

"Immortal Samsara"-C-drama

Part 1

Part 2

"Cute Programmer"-C-drama

30 EP. -9.10.21-10.1.21-Tencent Video-Cute Programmer (2021) - MyDramaList

"Running Man"-Korean Variety Show-On Air

637 EP-7.11.10-Present-SBS-Running Man (2010) - MyDramaList

"Love Class"-K-drama

6 EP.-5.13.22-5.18.22-Viki-Love Class (2022) - MyDramaList

"My Dear Guardian"-C-Drama

40 EP.-6.1.21-6.24.21-iQiy & Mango TV-My Dear Guardian (2021) - MyDramaList

"Side Story of Fox Volant"-C-Drama-On Air

40 EP. -8.31.22-10.6.22-Tencent Video-Side Story of Fox Volant (2022) - MyDramaList

"The Law Cafe"-K-drama-On Air

16 EP. -9.5.22-10.25.22-KBS2, Viki, & ViuTV-The Law Cafe (2022) - MyDramaList

"If You Wish Upon Me"-K-Drama

16 EP. -8.10.22-9.29.22-KBS2 & ViuTV-If You Wish Upon Me (2022) - MyDramaList

"Novoland: Pearl Eclipse"-C-Drama

48 EP. -11.10.21-12.5.21-BTV, Tencent Video & ViuTV-Novoland: Pearl Eclipse (2021) - MyDramaList

"Young Actors' Retreat"-Korean Variety Show-On Air

8 EP. -9.9.22-10.21.22-TVING-Young Actors' Retreat (2022) - MyDramaList

"Once We Get Married"-C-Drama

24 EP.-10.8.21-11.5.21-Tencent Video-Once We Get Married (2021) - MyDramaList

"Takara Kun & Amagi-Kun"-BL Drama-J-Drama-On Air

"Love In Contract"-K-Drama-On Air

16 EP.-Sep. 21-Nov. 10, 2022-tvN & Viki-Love in Contract (2022) - MyDramaList

"A Romance of The Little Forest"-C-Drama- On Air

35 EP. -Sep. 15, 2022-Oct. 13, 2022-Youku-A Romance of the Little Forest (2022) - MyDramaList

All dramas can be watched on (Click Here)

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