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VIKI TOP 10 MOST WATCH SHOWS-August 23, 2021

Needing Shows to watch? Do not know what to watch? MJ Got you! Using Viki's top 10 most watch shows can help give you an idea of where to start when it comes to drama land. Enjoy

How the list works:

No particular order nor based on ranking.

Title-NETWORK-Number of Episodes-Date aired or currently airing-how to watch (either free or paid)-link to information on drama (provided by My Drama List)

Thursday AUGUST 19, 2021

#1 'Backstreet Rookie'- SBS-iQiyi-16 ep. Jul 19-Aug 8 2020-FREE ON Viki

#2 'The Devil Judge'- tvN-16 ep. Jul 3-Aug 22 2021-FREE ON Viki

#3 'My Roommate Is A Gumiho'- tvN-iQiyi-16 ep. May 26-Jul 15 2021-FREE ON Viki

#4'The Witch's Diner'- tvN & Naver TV Cast-8 ep. Jul 16-Aug 13 2021-FREE ON Viki

#5 'The Penthouse 3: War In Life'- SBS-14 ep. Jun 4-Sep 10 2021-watch with PLUS Subscription on Viki

#6 'Monthly Magazine Home'- jTBC & iQyi-16 ep. Jun 16-Aug 5 2021-FREE ON Viki

#7'Light On Me'- Viki-16 ep. Jun. 29-Aug. 19, 2021-

#8 'True Beauty'- tvN-16 ep. Dec. 9, 2020-Feb. 4, 2021-

#9 'Black Cinderella'- AbemaTV-8 ep. April 22-Jun 10 2021-FREE ON Viki

#10 'Running Man'(weekly variety show)- SBS-600 ep. Jun 11, 2010-present-


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