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New Blog/Review Site is UP!

With time on my hands due to the Rona virus; I decided to revamp the way my written review site looks. With a new idea I went ahead and made a new review site. The new site is mainly the written reviews. Only focus. I felt the need to have a separate place to display my subjective opinion on the dramas I pick to discuss. It helps keeps the mess to a minimum. And looking at the other site...I cringe. It is HORRIBLE! YES. Looks like early 2000s blogging. But people change and grow. Mistakes can be made. I am doing my best to get this site up and running fully. I need to breath and just do. Also, I am a bit ambitious when it comes to stuff and bite off more than I can chew. So slowly down and doing what I can in the time frame I have will produce better site. A site that regularly updates. Take a look. Plus a new FB (facebook) page is coming soon too! Plus I hope by the end of this year my second adventure with this page can come to life. Can't say now...will later. Enjoy and be safe!

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