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Viki Top 10 Dramas

Need a drama to watch! Don't worry MJ got you. Here are the top 10 most watched dramas as of July 16, 2021 on Viki (this will be a daily/weekly post; head over to my Facebook or Instagram for the top 10 dramas on Viki). No particular order or dramas are not order from least watch to most and vice versa.

#10 'My Roommate is a Gumiho"-tvN 16EP. Aired on 5.10-6.29.2021

#9 "Doom At Your Service"- tvN 16Ep. Aired on 5.26-7.15.21

#8 "Falling Into Your Smile" -Tencent 31 EP. Aired on 6.23-7.15.21

#7 "At a Distance Spring is Green" KBS2 12EP Currently Airing 6.14-7.20.21

#6 'Imitation' KBS2/Viki 12EP. Currently Airing 5.7-7.23.21

#5 "The Devil Judge" tvN 16EP Currently Airing 7.3-8.22.21

#4 "The Penthouse 3" SBS 12EP Currently Airing: 6.4-8.20.21

#3 "Truth of Dare" YouKu 30EP Aired on 6.8-7.9.21

#2 "True Beauty" tvN 16EP Aired on 12.9.20-2.4.21

#1 'Mysterious Love" Sohu TV 16EP Aired: 4.15-5.16.21

All shows can be found on Viki. The links provide are from My Drama List website. Some of the shows on Viki need a paid subscription in order to watch.

Happy Friday Peeps! ~MJ~

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