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Why Korean Dramas? What's the appeal.-MJ Drama Life

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

FYI: I know my grammar sucks. Yep I said it. I am not a writer and grammar is not my strong suit. Hopefully as time moves on I will improve.

Why do people like what they like? Why do people venture out in to a world exploring things that is not common to them. Why? Maybe because they want a new change of pace or they want to be exposed to as much as the world has to offer. The world in the current state is seeing a drastic outpouring of feelings, voices, and strong opinions. Not trying to get political or jump on a sounding board; however, the world is hurting more than I have seen in my years of living. Now the question goes back to why Korean dramas. Why do I have a passion for shows that are spoken in a language that is not native to me. It goes to the passions that people have about current issues or events in the US or world; because it, dramas, are a passion that brings comfort. People are fighting for what they believe and feel is right in order to bring them some sort of comfort to make sure they can live a life they want. Be what may, there are some who maybe treading on violation of others; again not trying to rock the boat.

Now when I am at home more than ever, I feel like it was a time to express to people why Korean dramas are a go to for me. Korean dramas or TV shows have been a staple in my life since 2007. Around the time when internet or social media presence was blooming, I was able to use social media to explore other parts of the world without leaving home. I have to give credit where credit is do; Kpop was the reason I became obsessed...yes.... obsessed with Korean television. I can thank entertainer Rain or 비 for introducing me to #Korean dramas. I was re-introducing myself to #Kpop via YouTube. I lived in Korea during the late 90s as teen (military brat) and was able to meet people at my job who knew about Kpop. I decided to see what was out there and who were the new Kpop idols or 2nd generation idols. And then I found Rain. Yep. I saw his video. I was like.. who is this Usher sound alike/dance alike. So again going down that rabbit hole, I eventually was lead to a room (not really a room but just saying) that had Korean dramas posted. I watched different clips and was drawn to "Full House." And that is all it took. By the time I finished watching "Full House" I have looked up other shows, Kpop stars who were actors, and movies. I was hooked. I was able to be drawn back to a place I had enjoyed during my teen years through television shows and music.

Watching Korean shows gives me joy. It is a time I can just lay back and relaxed. There are times I get pissed at the choices the lead or second lead makes and curse at the screen. Well,,,,, we all have done it once or twice in our lives. What I love most about Korean dramas is the fact when it is done, it is done. Do not get me wrong, I still love Western television (my guilty pleasure is reality TV aka Housewives). Just for me, when a Western TV show is a hit, the creators try to milk it for all it is worth. Which is fine till that cow is dry and only powder is coming out. Meaning, the show story lines get messy and confusing and out right dumb at times. So I lose interested. Most of the time Korean dramas are done after 16-36 episodes give or take. There are shows that have a second or third season but that season comes either a year or more later. So you have time to digest what you just saw. And you can go back and re-watch the show just to catch up before the new season starts. This gives the actors the ability to film other shows and not just wait. And you get to see those actors provide their amazing talents to other shows. Win win for me.

Why Korean dramas. Again it is up to anyone why they like what they like. Why action movies? Why sports. Why New York Pizza over Chicago style? Why? Because people like what they like. Liking sports or Korean dramas gives us comfort and joy during a time where joy seems to be in limited supply. People are upset and certain civil injustices are now being shown that was once hidden due to people being uncomfortable with the truth of their nation. Covering up something with duck tape only temporarily cover up the issue but does not solve the problem. Korean dramas is my happy place among the lack of humility or empathy in this nation. Korean variety shows gives me hope that people can look at people as people and listen with an objective mind and heart to others truth. Just because you have not seen it, experience it, or heard of it, does not means it has not happen (there is always an exception to this just like with anything, nothing is just black and white or absolute). Watching Korean variety shows provides laughs for days and happiness.

Instead of asking why does or how a person of color or a black girl likes Korean dramas who is not Korean and does not speak Korea; ask what is a Korean drama and why is it a popular form of entertainment. It goes to the same concept of this world; instead of asking people why (which we mostly know why) ask people what is their story; their truth. Ask people what is it they are fighting for, what do they want to see happen, and how can we as a nation can make change to where all or most are able to gain from that change.



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